About The Book Bird

In a world of new, it might seem redundant to write about old books. Hundreds of reviews have been written about them, so why waste precious Internet space to dull people’s minds with what they already know?

The trick is not to consider it as that. A book is made new again every time someone picks it up. My take might be different from anyone else’s, and if I open up a single book for someone who might have otherwise been lost, this site will have done its work.

There are other agendas at work on this site, too. Not all the books will be well-known and many will be new. New authors abound from every country in the world, and they have books to sell. I love to promote other people; they make it so easy, everyone is so talented.

Digital Rights Managment is a capitalist scourge on e-books, included inside the software of many publications; made for Kindle, Nook, and Google Books at least. It can stop you from accessing your books in some circumstances, including at a whim of the bookseller. Wherever I publish a review of an e-book that is available DRM-free, a link to the book at a DRM-free bookshop will also be published.

Finally, this blog will serve as a record of one woman’s reading list; having endured being called a bookworm at school, I’ve gone from devouring books to squeezing them in, so this site is a motivational tool.



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