BOOK REVIEW: Celeste: The Unseen Book 2

Celeste by Johnny Worthen will rock you across the dancefloor of the Prom and ravage your body with the bullets of ignorant hatred, fear, and greed. No joke. It sucks you into what appears to be a better ride for Eleanor Anders, the young girl with a primeval secret locked in her cells, but the tables turn fast, and suddenly. It just isn’t the sort of book you put down and read bit by bit.

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In Essence: Celeste

Celeste is a continuation of the breathtaking story we saw in Eleanor: The Unseen. When Celeste herself ‘goes missing’, her parents spot Eleanor on a TV news broadcast, and from there Eleanor’s situation can never return to peace. Hounded through the family courts, with friends and enemies side-by-side, Eleanor’s will collides with that of the United States. The climax is an impossible situation; it would seem no matter which way she jumps, Eleanor will be lost. But will she escape anyway? It’s all she knows how to do, surely?

What’s so great about The Unseen series?

For me, Celeste is a great example of Johnny Worthen’s writing. This prolific writer feeds his stories tenderly; cherishes them with his own emotion. But he isn’t sentimental. His characters may be killers or lovers or mothers or teenagers, and all of them are described in such a way that you can build their images in your mind without slowing your pace of reading. In Celeste’s case, this increasingly frenzied story is told with clarity and rhythm, never slowing down, but the imagery is so strong that you don’t get muddled.

Will you like it?

If you liked Eleanor: The Unseen, I guarantee you’ll love Celeste. It answers some of the questions you had left over from Eleanor and gives you a continuation of her life that you were surely desperate to know.

Celeste is a story full of a certain type of supernature, one that either fills you with dread or that you don’t believe. If you’re filled with dread by the thought of Native American skinwalker legends living down your street, you should definitely read this book.

If you don’t believe in myths, legends and magic, then . . . well, I guess there’s always the National Geographic for you.

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