Novel publicity: workshop till you drop (in Brampton, Ontario or anywhere)

If you’re a novelist treading water (it looks so much like drowning, y’know) with the whole ‘how to publicise your novel’ thing, there is an answer: workshops!

Beverly - Brampton, Ontario

Now, this particular one is Author Social Media, hosted by BeNovel. It’s a one-day workshop, although you’ve got two dates and locations to choose from: Pickering, Ontario, on Sat 19 Sept 2015, and Brampton, Ontario, on Sun 20 Sept 2015.

You’ll get to the bottom of social media strategies (what to put, when and who to) and you’ll find if you keep things straightforward, it can really work for you. They’ll also help you figure out Twitter (and how it can help you go further, faster) and explain how to ride the trends as an author. You can make anything meaningful and relevant if you try. Yes, really. You’ll even learn how to manage your social media time more effectively (less surfing, more writing, right?).

There’s more stuff, but you can find that out at BeNovel.

Don’t live in Brampton, Ontario?

Workshops in general are a great idea. They provide entertainment and information, but it’s not just about that. Sometimes there’s free food, and lots of new people to meet. They’re like some kind of writer’s day out.

Trouble is, they have to be local to you, and Brampton, Ontario is most certainly not local to me (although its namesake in England is only a few miles from where the Book Bird lives). So I’ll miss out on that particular workhop.

But, I can tell you that a great resource that can also be used by novelists is the Chamber of Commerce. There’s one in every big town in the UK and they’re always running useful short courses and workshops, often for free.

This is the link for Cumbria Growth Hub, but just phone up your own Chamber and ask about networks and workshops.

Now, those lucky folks in Brampton are getting experts like the lovely Beverly Bambury, publiciste experte to show novelists how to manage their social media. Chamber of Commerce courses will be a bit more generic, but hey, we’re all in business, writers of every kind.


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